Making Wreaths

Making Environmentally Friendly Christmas Wreaths

3rd November 2020

Whilst flower faffing, with the news on the background I heard the sentence - “The decisions that we make every day add up” - spoken by an environmentalist earlier last year, from that moment I decided to try & take our floristry into a different direction, that may not be perfect but its baby steps in the right direction. After many weddings here at The Stratford Park, we would be left with trays & trays of floral foam creations to dispose of and it just started to not sit right with us, hence the creation of Warwickshire Flower School!

Floral foam rings have & still are used to make Christmas wreaths. Floral foam has been the stalwart of floral designs for many decades but it has not always been so, before the invention of floral foam florists used containers with water & chicken wire. But moist moss to create bases with frames of willow is much more eco-friendly. Even wire frames can be recycled. It is all about how we use and then reuse our resources. Jute string can be used to bind these materials. All completely recyclable.

A lot of Christmas wreath frames are now made from willow and look beautiful and completely biodegradable. Wire frames may not degrade like their wooden equivalents, but they can at least be reused.

This is the first year that our Christmas wreaths have been created using pine sourced locally in Warwickshire. Of course, it would have been easier to ‘add to basket’ on the wholesale site but we wanted to start somewhere. It takes time and effort to source local seasonal and sustainable materials. No-one may even notice but we know.

Each of our Christmas wreaths is a unique one-off piece that is gathered from and inspired by the Warwickshire countryside that surrounds us. Our wreaths never cost the earth literally and many are choosing to support both local and seasonal ethical floristry for their Christmas decorations.

What Christmas wreath will you choose this year?