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  • Local delivery only 24 hours notice needed

    24 hr

    50 British pounds
  • Perfect Hen, Birthday activity

    65 British pounds
  • Do you just put the flowers you buy in the same old vase every week?

    65 British pounds
  • 3 Day Residential Wedding Venue Floral Styling Course. May 2021

    2,200 British pounds

More About Warwickshire Flower Farm & School

Our Story.......

Warwickshire Flower Farm & School was created during the first covid lockdown in March. I have been involved in the wedding business for over 25 years & this year totally wiped all wedding business off the face of the planet! With no weddings taking place, I had no images for social media! So I decided to focus on photoshoots which allowed me to create the flowers. Firstly let me tell you, I am not a trained florist but for 25 years I have created floral arrangements, rescued floral wedding bouquets, put back together flower table arrangements & created beautiful event flowers from sometimes supermarket flowers! so I feel I have huge amount of an experience & I also believe I have a very creative eye.

During the summer I attended a workshop to learn how to create BIG floral installations whilst not using foam, so that can my creations can be environmentally friendly. This workshop was a real eye open for me & soaked up all the information & began creating wedding flowers without using foam.

I am now proud to say our wedding venue is now FOAM FREE.

Realising that many florists are still using old fashioned foam to create their arrangements I decided to set up our Flower School, so that I can share all that I have learnt over the years.

So if you are a florist or just a flower lover, I will be providing classes to show you modern flower arranging technics. I will be bringing in different tutors to share their knowledge.

At Warwickshire Flower School there are no rules, just no foam!

Then I decided I could do more to make the flowers at The Stratford Park sustainable & environmentally friendly, we could grow our own flowers. So thats we are doing as well! All autumn & winter we have busy planning, building & planting a huge selection of British grown flowers, that can be used within our workshops & weddings. 

We will also be offering classes in 'creating your own cutting garden'.

I can't wait to share with you our flower growing journey. Sign up to receive our regular updates via email & don't worry I don't have time to bombard you with emails Ill be too busy cutting flowers.....

Best wishes

Beverley x


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